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house plans, extensions & conversions, retail store planning & concepts and office layouts

Local to North East Lincolnshire, but able to travel and work from anywhere, I am reliable and professional to get the job done!

Having over two decades of experience working with AutoCAD and Sketchup, I have the necessary skills to survey or interpret measurements and draw up your house (inc. extensions or conversions), retail or office plans.  The result - accurate and scaled plans for use by Structural Engineers, Planners, Builders and Shopfitters - and at a very reasonable cost!


A Selection Of My Work

House Floor Plans

Office Layouts

Retail Floor Plans

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House Sectional Plans

3D Concept Plans

House Extensions

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My Story


I've always had a spatial awareness and a logical mindset. You can rely on me to get the most out of the space in a skip or the boot of a car! 

National Design Projects UK was created in 2007 when I took the big step when I was made redundant. Since then, I have continued to work in the property field and on a freelance basis, now with over two decades of experience providing detailed and accurate Retail Store Plans, Office Spatial Layouts and New/ existing remodeled House Plans, elevations and sectionals (including extensions and conversion). 

I am committed to excellence and have an unparalleled work ethos.  I have gained this with a variety of clients across different sectors offering a tailored approach at a reasonable cost. 

The projects I work on are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between myself and my client. In every project, I strive to fully understand my clients’ needs and apply their feedback and ideas into my designs. I use my experience, skills and expertise to ensure the end result is as professional as possible.


Contact me today to see how we can get started.

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Real Life Reviews

John Ibbotson

Jack is the best Retail Store Planner in the UK in all Sectors. He delivers expertly to a brief and is a pleasure to work with.

John Ibbotson

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